Перевод песни Outkast – Dracula's Wedding

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You’re all I’ve ever wanted, but I’m terrified of you
See my castle may be haunted, but I’m terrified of you
I’ve cast my spell on millions, but I’m terrified of you
Baby I do this from the ceiling, but I’m terrified of you
I wait my whole life to bite the right one
Then you come along and that freaks me out
So I’m frightened… Dracula’s wedding
I’ve never ran from no one, but I’m terrified of you
See my heartbeat is a slow one, but I’m terrified of you
I’ve been around for ages, but I’m terrified of you
Put my fang across the stage, but I’m terrified of you.
You know I’m terrifed of you
Here she comes
Give me the chance to dance romance
Don’t run, I’m not the sun
So much at stake… oh!
Bad choice of words
But I’m not the gun with silver bullets
And I can count, 1, 2, 3, plus I make great peanut butter
And jelly sandwiches… Van Helsing
For richer or poorer, through sickness and in health
Til death do us part
Til death do us part
You only live once
Well, not in our case
because we live forever.