Перевод песни Kenny Loggins – Heart to Heart

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You ain't crazy
I ain't gonna lie anymore
What you're feelin'
There's a reason for
I wanna do right
Oh, I gotta do right
Do I love you?
Oh, you know I've tried
But what you're after
You can't find in my eyes
I wanna do right
Tell the truth
Don't turn away
This is our last chance
To touch each others hearts
Does anything last forever?
I don't know
Maybe we're near the end
Darlin' oh how can we go on together
Now that we've grown apart
Well the only way to start
Is heart to heart
One by one
We're collecting lies
When you can't give love
You give alibis
Now I'm gonna do right
This time I gotta do right
I don't wanna leave
I don't wanna say good-bye
But sooner or latter
There comes a time