Перевод песни Johnnie Taylor – Hello Sundown

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Hello sundown
I’m so glad you’re here
Why I’ve been waiting so long
For you to appear
Because I know
When the sun goes down
That’s the only time
My lover can come around
Hello sundown
And goodbye pain
We’ll meet the same time tomorrow
Down in Lover’s Lane
I know you belong to another man
I’ve got to see her
Anyway I can
Hello sundown
Now we know it’s wrong
Don’t you know we tried to fight it
Whoa, for so long
Temptation and desire
Don’t you know that’s enough
To set anybody’s soul on fire
Oh no
Oh baby
You’re the only one can hide all my longing
For her
For her
Oh baby
Oh lawdy
Now everybody here’s ever had the blues
Bling bling
Shame bang
Bling bling
Just take it easy
Just take it easy let it ooze out
You know I believe that every now and then
Everybody get the blues sometime
Yes right there
Now if you ain’t never had the blues
You ain’t got no soul
Because you know
Sometimes your woman can hurt you so bad
A girl
Sometimes your man can treat you so mean
Walk the floor all night
Have you ever been mistreated?
Then you know what I mean
Mmm hmmm
Now I’m sure that we don’t have no people here that’s ever been mistreated
Cause ain’t nobody said, «Yeah»
If y’all been mistreated let me hear you say yeah!
Have you ever been alone by yourself
Have you ever felt like you didn’t have a friend in the world
You try to go to your friend’s for consolation
And find them complaining too
Everybody got a problem
Now if you go along with your man or your woman for so long
You decide to do something on your own
Some people find the part time love
I betcha 60% of the women here tonight got a part time love
And the fells ain’t doing too bad themselves
But ain’t one thing about it
You have to wait til the sun go down
You know when you’re slipping around
Everybody can’t see ya
And the one thing about slipping around
You don’t want everybody to see ya
I said, sundown
I’m so glad to see ya
Say man, blow me a little blues right there
Do you feel alright?
Do you feel alright?
Do you feel alright?
If you feel alright let me hear you say yeah
I’m gon blow myself
And I bet you do too
I gotta tell you one more time baby
I gotta tell you one more time baby
I don’t want nobody
Sitting around
Me and my stuff
I don’t need nobody
Always sitting around looking at me and my stuff
I love to hod my woman real tight
Way over in the middle of the night
And she tells me, «Johnny, everything’s alright»
«Sock it to me knock me clean outta sight»
Doo be
Don’t you know it’s gettin' sundown