Перевод песни The Isley Brothers – Blast Off

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When we’re making love, ah yeah
So let’s blast off tonight, (Tonight) sky is the limit (You)
Under storms, girl, we’ll fly above, yeah
(Rocket love) Oh, that’s what you are to me
(Fill me up) You help me reach my destiny
Lying here counting down before we take our flight up there, yeah
(To the clouds) To the clouds
(Touch the sky) Straight to the sky
(Girl you) (Send me, send me), Oh girl (Send me, send me)
While we’re making love
(Past the stars) We’ll touch the stars
(Pass the moon) Go 'way pass the moon
(Send me), 'Cause you send me, (Send me), Ah yeah, (Send me, send me)
Traveling out of space
Girl, that’s what it’s like
When I’m making love to you (Oh oh oh)
So take your place, get ready for the ride (Whoa)
We’re 'bout to fly away, (Fly away) right here in this room
I’m talkin 'bout (rocket love)
Girl, hold on to my side
(Fill me up) Let’s go to a paradise
I’m counting down the seconds 'til we take off, baby (Whoa)
(To the clouds) Whoa-oh
(Touch the sky) Gonna touch the sky
Girl you (Send me, send me, send me, send me)
Gonna talk about (Pass the stars) Baby, touch the moon
(Pass the moon) Girl, you, yeah
(Send me), Oh yeah, (Send me, send me), Ah yeah, (Send me)
Said it’s flight time, baby
(It's flight time) Are you ready to go?
(It's the right time) Girl, first we’ll take it slow
Girl (Your body and my body and our bodies)
Soaring in motion, yeah
(It's flight time)
Us lying here
(It's the right time)
It’s like a world premiere
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, zero, and now I’m ready to explode
To the clouds (Whoa)
Touch the sky (Let's go touch the sky)
'Cause girl you (Send me, send me, send me, send me) (Ooh)
Touch the stars (Oh, let’s touch Venus baby)
Pass the Moon (Then take a trip to Mars)
Send me, (Oh, to a space in time) send me, send me, send me
Somewhere beyond the stars
To the clouds (Let's go stepping on a rainbow)
Touch the sky (Then go touch the sun)
Send me, send me, send me, send me
We don’t need NASA baby to make love
Touch the stars (Whoa)
Pass the moon (Let's stick a flag on the moon)
Send me, send me, send me, send me
Girl, you send (You send) You send (You send)
You send me, oh