Перевод песни The Isley Brothers – Show Me

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Oh, show me
Show me your body, show me your body, yeah
I want you to love me, baby
Make it the sweetest romance
You know what I want from you, baby
I wanna feel you close to me
The view of you on top of me
Can’t get enough of how you work your stuff
This is why I’m telling you I must
Have you baby, make it last baby
I want you to show me, baby
Show me your body
Show it to me right now
And, when you show me, baby
We’ll make love
Sexy, sexy, pretty young lady
The sight of you naked drives me crazy
Makes me want to lay you down
Appreciate the way you work it
Round and round
Feels so good to have to tell you
I want you to know that I never
Stop feeling this way, baby
I like it when, you let me in
Makin' love to you has been
What I wanted from the first time
I laid eyes on you
Seduce me girl, rock my world
Make me guess, what you’ll do next
…, is the best
That’s not all, I want from you
To see your clothes removed
Your the best that I’ve ever known
So when I tell you baby
To show me baby
It’s because you’re so amazing
And I wanna feel what you do to me again
I wanna make love to you baby
Show love to you baby
I want you to love me baby
I won’t be satisfied
Until you show me, show me
Show me your body
Show it to me right now