Перевод песни Nelly – Spida Man

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That motherfucker was horrific
Yes it was, yes it was
Okay, I was
Sittin on my hill, countin my dough
Million-two, million-three, million-four
Five million, six million, seven million more
Then I heard a knock knock, who’s there?
It’s yo' friendly neighborhood cat
Leaning in that Modena Spider, man
So beware, come take a look up in the sky
You can’t lie, I know you feel it when it
I used to live in cellars, I used to coc' a sellah
Two hundred million fella, call me a fo’tune tella
Tryin to get over Eazy, like they was Jerry Heller
I never want to jail-ah, cause I’m too slick a fella
Seen me on wheels befo', man you should see me now
It might be hard though, because I sit too high
I sit up on the hill, but I’m still down to earth
I’m like the Rams man I’m at the best when on my turf
You watch your girl flirt, you watch your girl tease
You think your girl want cheese? Then check your girl knees
You need to check her needs, befo' I check 'em for ya
Cause once I check her needs, she won’t be checkin for ya
You hear a KNOCK KNOCK, who is it that’s, payin a visit
She’s, goin ballistic while he’s, sippin on her Mystic
Whoa, it’s the exquisite one named Mo, or short for Moses
I think I’ll go back to countin my money now
Say I don’t come to the hood, what do the fuck they know?
Who else drivin that Bentley, out there in front of Wohl’s
Sittin out in front of Tandy, I got my phone handy
Give me the numbers I’mma call 'em, you been missin for 'em
I’m buyin bikes for tykes, the V some uniforms
While they just rap about we fo' sho' fo' kids and show 'em
At elementary schools, the day of show and tell
We didn’t come to show, mo' like we came to tell
Tell 'em how to keep it strong, on how to keep it tight
To tell they right from wrong, to turn your wrong right
Watch all they words and actions, thoughts companies and habits
Leave them tricks for rabbits, that greed for the savage
And you can make it happen, if you just don’t give up
I guarantee that you can be that anything you want
Give 'em that real talk, show 'em that real walk
And maybe one day you can be like me, somewhurr