Перевод песни Keyshia Cole – I Should Have Cheated

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First of all i want to say
You can’t accuse me of all the things
you know that you are guilty of And I see that it is easy for you to blame
everything on me If that’s the case I should go have my fun
and do all the things you say I do Boy I can’t continue to take this from you
I might as well have CHEATED you
As much as you accused me of cheating
I might as well have lied to you
As much as you accused me of lying
I might as well have gone to the club
As much as you accused me of clubbin'
I might as well have threw away my love
As much as you accused me I should have cheated
You say I was out with somebody else
When my girl told me she saw you with some girl
(Some girl)
But I didn’t accuse you of something that I didn’t see myself
I Realize that I wouldn’t never do anything to disrespect you
Trust me, you gotta stop accusing me Don’t you know I wish I knew
that you would treat me this way
If you don’t promise me that you’ve changed your ways I’m leaving today
And I ain’t coming back
And you made it like that
Was unfair to me All this jealousy
I’m your everything
What will you do without me?
Why you trippin'?
I should have lied
I should have cheated
Maybe I should have went out to the club
Or maybe I … should have done it Should have given away all my love
Or maybe I … I should have played you
Cause you don’t appreciate me, no And I tried to stay down with you
But you’re making it hard for me As much as you accused me of cheatin'
I should have cheated
As much as you accused me of lying
As much as you accused me of clubbin'
(I love you)
As much as you accused me of cheatin'
I should have cheated