Перевод песни Hawksley Workman – Rain

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Rain, rain, falling is the only thing you ever do
You’re getting pretty good
You’re getting pretty good at it now
Down, down, down to where the trouble
And the hurt does live
Where so many fall
Where so many take
And not give
You make it seem so graceful
You make it seem so proud
You’re just falling from
The sky on to the ground
What, what, what if it was simple
Like the falling rain
Love comes down
And just sinks into your heart
Cause when you fall, fall, fall so hard
It’s ugly just to see your face
Fall so hard
The earth beneath you
Looks the other way
You make it seem so graceful
The peace within your sound
You’re just falling from
The sky on to the ground
Pain, pain why did i invite you
To be here again
I thought we were through
When i walked away in the rain