Перевод песни The Plan – In her Eyes

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In her eyes
It's in your eyes, you look
So good to me Afraid to take things seriously
And far too early
And just that night
Just that night at your place
Your bed in linen
And so perfect to rest in And as I awoke
The first snow was glowing
On the window sill
You in the city, sleeping still
Now I got up quiet
Walked down the stairs and out
To a cold war
Among buildings
And locked doors
Nothing shows what people enjoy
Which is troubling me
I'm trying to sing with a depth
A dead man's breath
Blowing smoke out
Into winter air
Now i had a lot...
I have a lot on my mind
Like I am sleep
Without a cause
With nothing to rest on you get blind
And deaf to this world
Doesn't matter which way you turn
I walked like this a while
Not knowing how i was back
Where i started from
Shivering and looking
Up at your window
Now I walked in Up again and slowly
Opened the door
Slid my shoes off
On the hallway floor
Now i laid down
To the sound of your breathing
Like a child
As though your safe and
Don't have to mind
As though you know that
It will be allright
And I listen
And close my eyes