Перевод песни The Pointer Sisters – Evil

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Pretty poison, turns the girls on
And his kiss sure are nice
But he only wants you for just a minute
Then his lips turn cold as ice
He's evil, evil
Evil, he stole my love from me
Hey, hey, yeah, yeah...
Tryin' to shake him will only make him
Hold on tighter till you yield
His love's like quicksand
So you sink down and
He goes on to play the field
He's evil, evil
He stole your love from you
He's so evil, evil
But I know what to do
I'll be your lover, agent undercover
I'll find a way to break your heart of steel
You'll get a taste of your pretty poison
Soon you'll see how evil love can feel
Evil, evil
You stole my love from me
Yes, I'm evil, evil
I'll steal your love from you
You're evil, evil...