Перевод песни All About Eve – Strange Way

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Were you looking for a sister
Or looking for your mother?
I was looking for a love inspired
I didn’t need a little brother to hold
When the wind blew cold
A string of hearts lie in your wake
You tried to take along for the ride
I must be out of my head
To get strung out on your silver thread
A strange way of showing your love
You had a strange way…
I hear you met a young girl
I hear she is your lover
So when you break her young, sweet heart
She’ll find it easy to recover
Not like me, I took you seriously
And for a while I lost my smile
I lost my way but I found something out…
It’s going to take something more than you
To break a spirit like mine
A strange way of showing your love
Just for the thrill of it all
But then the future is blind
Just for the thrill of it all
I’m good at wasting my time
But I’m on my way, I’ve had enough
The winter comes the wind blows cold…
It isn’t forever