Перевод песни Robin Williams – Bush, Cheney, And The Obamas

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It’s like your going: Last thing I remember was working and there was a budget
Where’s Clinton?
We impeached him
FUCK! For what?
A blowjob
Who did he blow, Putin?
No. He got blown by a Jewish girl.
Wow! He got head from a Jewish girl? Fuckin A! And they impeached him for that?
Well he lied about it
He married! Who wouldn’t? What the fuck!
No he lied about it to Congress.
And those fuckers impeached him? That’s like a group of leapords judging a
beauty contest. What the fuck! Wow, that’s nuts!
And then they aquitted him.
Oh cool and who was president next? Gore?
No Bush.
He was already president
No this was his son
Oh, the one from Florida, he’s kinda cool
No the one from Texas
Junior? Fuck!
My God! The one who traded Sammy Sosa?
Fuck yeah!
How was he as president?
Kinda goofy. Really he waved at Steevy Wonder.
What the Fuck!
And then. What did he do?
Well he took a lot of vacations.
And then what happened?
We got attacked
By who?
Osama Bin Laden
The guy from Afghanistan? Didn’t we used to send him weapons?
Yeah, I know!
We went after him right?
Did we get him?
What do you mean almost?
We went after Hussein because he had Weapons of Mass Destruction
The guy from Syria! I knew that fuck you do this.
No! The one from Iraq
Saddam Hussien? Bush Senior kicked his ass!
Yeah he did! And we got him-oh fuck we got him!
And we found the Weapons of Mass Destruction because he would tell you where
they are
Well they excecuted him
Fuck off! And did you get Bin Laden?
Almost! We got four of his number threes
But he’s in Afghanistan!
Maybe. He might be in Pakistan.
Well let’s go after him in