Перевод песни Tony Carey – I Can't Talk To You

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If you ever think think about me
when you’re down down and out
out in the cold
girl it’s better when you doubt me
it’s better when you go
did you promise him
you’d stand with him
will you hold him up
will you mother his sons
babe as long as there are rainbows
you will be my only one
Hey I can’t talk to you
and I can’t read your mind
if I don’t know what you’re after
you know I’m flying blind
o no, I can’t talk to you
I can’t keep you strong
and I can’t make you happy
if you don’t know what is wrong
wrong wrong wrong
baby I can’t talk to you
you were fallen fallen down
down when I found you
you were broken up
you were broken and bruised
take it all in noww
take a look around you
tell me who’s been using who…
and I can’t talk to you