Перевод песни Moving Heroes – You are my angel and my devil

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I stay between heaven and hell — just love and hate.
But I believe we never choose our fate.
Destiny is such a killing sword: it`s all may be.
The odd irony connects you and me.
Why so, tell me?
Every day I hear time has gone in vain —
Oh, you can see.
You don`t know me, but we`re joined
By invisible odd threads.
Don`t tell me «Good Bye»
On the edge of the dark hell
You are my angel and my devil.
Why not, it`s a game
I feel you`re not doubtful
Don`t say «No» —
You`re right no more than ever.
I won`t break that distance
That is parting you and me.
Got my own way — you`ve got your way
Just I know — our destiny is strong.
I see you in this photograph you`re in paling lights,
All my heart`s in ice and flame — and they fight.
Why so, tell me?
I will not believe — will my dreams come true,
Why do people live?
On a lonely way we can`t meet,
I`ll forget and shall do it.