Перевод песни Moving Heroes – Mystic Myth

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You should not be a dreamer
You should not begin to dream
Sometimes that makes a hero,
But it hurts to the extreme.
I know, if the heart is on fire,
If the way is whole romance,
Whenever I will fall,
Oh, I'll be back to take the chance.
All my life is mystic myth
All is turning like in night-dance
Future is a mystery
Will it be my voice in silence?
I'm not a loser tonight
But I am not yet a winner
And my dreams will not die —
It's my life.
I should have been a dreamer
I was born to make a dream.
And so, so many people
Told me: «No, you'll never win»
And you... if you were at the top,
Oh, you should know that ecstasy —
You win and you're a hero,
And your dream's not fantasy.