Перевод песни Moving Heroes – Not good enough

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1. Do you really know the sound of thirty cents?
Is that all you have in this Wonderland?
Guess, what have I thought, looking in your eyes,
When you said to me, said it twice:
It's not good enough — not good enough.
Voice is bad and gruff — not good enough.
What you want is tough — not good enough.
Really, it's not good enough.
It's not good enough — your dress, your face.
It's not good enough — no time, no place.
It's not good enough — I won't agree,
It's not good enough to me.
It's not good enough — it's forever so.
You can try again — you can try no more.
I'll be very glad, if you leave me free
Only that is good, good enough to me.
2. Once I took a place that was always free.
And you told your friends «they get down to me».
When we talked you were genial for a while,
Even said to me «keep your smile»