Перевод песни Scorpions – Lorelei

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There was a time when we sailed on together
Once had a dream that we shared on the way
There was a place where we used to seek shelter
I never knew the pain of the price I would pay
You led me on with a cloak and a dagger
And I didn’t know you had made other plans
You had me believe we were meant for forever
I really thought my heart would be safe in your hands
My ship has passed you by
And though you promised me to show the way
You led me astray
You were my Lorelei
What kind of fool was I
Because I believed in every word you said
And now I wonder why
There was a time when we held one another
Baring our souls in the light of the flame
Those were the days now I’ve lost my illusions
Sometimes I wake in the night and I call out your name
Now there’s a light that shines on the river
Blinding my eyes from so far away
Shot through the heart but now I know better
As hard as it is to resist the song that you play