Перевод песни Gregory Abbott – Shake You Down

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Girl, I've been watching you
From so far across the floor now, baby
That's nothing new
I've watched you so many times before now, baby
I see that look in your eyes
And what it's telling me And you know, ooh girl, that I'm not shy
I'm glad you picked up on my telepathy now, baby
You read my mind (You know you did)
Girl, I wanna shake you down (Well, oh, well)
I can give you all the loving you need (I'm gonna love you)
Come on, let me take you down (Oh, baby)
We'll go all the way to heaven
Ooh, I've been missing you
And the way you make me feel inside
I can tell you've got your pride now, baby
Come to me, let me ease your mind (Oh, babe)
I've got the remedy, yes I do Now give me just a little time
Girl, I've been missing you
And you know, it's funny
Every time I get to feeling this way
I wish I had you near me I wanna reach out and touch you
I can't stop thinking of the things we do The way you call me «Baby"when I'm holding you
I shake and I shiver when I know your near
Then you whisper in my ear (Oh, baby)
Roses are red and violets are blue
I'm gonna rock the town for you