Перевод песни Brent Bourgeois – God Is Not Dead

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
God is not dead, you must be dreaming
He never tires from playing Father to the world
The little babies never learn
it might be time for thrash and burn
and when it comes down to your turn
a trip to heaven can’t be earned
God answers prayers sometimes unfortunately
the answer may not be exactly as you planned
It wasn’t God who moved a million miles away
It wasn’t God who had nothing good to say
It wasn’t God who never taught your child to pray
God is not dead, your eyes are blinded
True are the wonders he has given to the world
He let mankind drink from his cup
so what if humans screwed it up and turned his garden into muck
The universe is more than dumb luck
Why consider a deathbed conversion
What is needed is total immersion
But you’ve never been that kind of person
you found your own version
Now you’re afraid that you were wrong
God is not dead, you are mistaken
He is the living breathing Savior of the world
There is no fence in this debate
Come down on one side of the gate or face the twists and turns of fate
No one to shield you from the hate
Come join the living world
Join us in the living world
Come join (Romans 10: 13 Whosoever calls on the name of Jesus shall be saved)