Перевод песни Pillar – Reckless Youth

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Don't let emotion stop you
Don't start to hesitate
Don't let the fear you have
Inside you start to resonate
Stop buying lies they sell you
Stop wasting all our time
Start looking for the
Opportunity for us to shine
If you're afraid to fall
You'll never make the climb
We are the fearless ones
We are the loaded guns
With nothing left to lose
We are the reckless youth
We are the chosen ones
We'll never have to run
There's nothing left to lose
We are the reckless youth
Let your fear motivate you
Don't let it get you down
You've got to get up Hold your head up high
It may be the only chance we've got
For us to save the day
No time to doubt it now
Before it gets too late
We've got to make our move
'Cause we're the reckless youth
Stop wasting our time
Let's step to the line
Like soldiers we fight
To the end of our lives
Let's break the rules
But don't play the fool
'Cause we are