Перевод песни Tru – You'll Never Change (feat. DIG and Mac)

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Sometimes I feel like we all losin
We probly was born losas ya know what im sayin?
They tell us to make a change and all
We make a change try to do the right thing
And they still treat us like criminals
And they'll treat us like...
Like we dont mean nothin to society
You know... like... like if you black you just be
They say your never gonna change
Think that your gonna stay the same
Your beein the one that they blame
Lord, how can I explain
Knockin you from ???
And please for me lord make them stop
And try to help them out the game
Cause lord I can't feel this pain
I think its time for a change
It seems that im stuck in this game
This cold hearted world got a nigga feelin the pain
I can't explain how I live my life
I keep my mind on six figures
And try to keep it tight
Im stressin in the ghetto
And I dont know
Should I hold on. or let go?
But its damn sure like
Grabbin a blunt, sayin lets blow
Nigga you know wassup
Man I gotta be real
Cause in this muthafuckin place niggas gotta have skill
My episeris keep my mind on top of the night
Im seen spys, so im no longer father figure tonight
Everytime I look up, somebody die
Im wonderin why
Is it because they live they life as a ???
Won't you change my... ghetto ways
Cause im tired of livin in the last days
But always on my knees as I pray
Screamin from the top of my voice
'Lord Save Me'
Look in my eyes, and tell me you see a bright future
Since its a angle of a stranga it might suit ya
Theres so many words
I wish that I could change the way the way we was raised
We were ??? and got enough nerve to hate gays
Maybe I neva undastud life for whats its worth
I never liked church
But I hit the streets and sold my dirt
But im not a heeden
Cause I know what I believe in
Would I fall short of glory
For some fucked up weed n'
This open up the question
Yo were those ur wordz
Or was it somethin man made up to calm my nerves
Well if I didn't walk fo eva
Tell me where will I go
We all ??? I just wanted ta know
(ya heard me)
It ain't no justice, ain't no peace
See mama gotta eat
Panmdrap to da police in my ??? st
I was born a hustler, probly gone die a thug
Grew up in the projects, seein my people on drugs
Society throwin slang tellin me we all equal
But fuck da world, nobody gone help ma people
And they... label'd me crazy since I dropped out of college
But u can't live in the ghetto, wit only book knowledge
A bunch'a broken homes
A bunch'a crack babies
Black on black crime
Damn this shit is drivin me crazy
I can't sleep at night
I went about the game
And if I dont make it, atleast I tried to change