Перевод песни Tru – The Tank Goes On

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You know you only get one chance to make it
You know what I'm sayin'?
So uh, when that bus come
You better jump up on it
Just like the beat goes on, life goes on
And the tank goes on (Tank goes on)
You only get one song (Don't let life pass you)
And the tank goes on (Tank goes on)
You only get one song (Don't let life pass you)
It's a small motherfuckin' world
It's big enough to get lost and get tossed
Cause everybody wanna be the boss
And watch that young nigga in the cut
With that rag throwin 'em up
Cause he ain't got shit to live for
And get my lighter off the dresser, among the pressure
And ready to make your baby momma's eyes wetter
We act the fool like in club dreams
??? full of ghetto bitches, and them knockout kings
Me and my nigga Green and Snoop in the coup countin'
Look we had a dice game
Damn, these niggas want my life man
You paranoid C?
Man, fuck them niggas dogg
I'm 'a ride 'til I die, P told me to take the world on
This be the realest shit, we be the realest click
We got 'em all, even moms at the store buyin' No Limit discs
Money don't make me, I make money
Niggas get high and die cause they be stuntin' like some crash dummies
I plant my seed and let my dying breed live homes
And put it in a song and let the beat go on
I got these bitches in my hand, and the world on my shoulders
Pops said, «P you don't understand but you will when you get older»
Your friends will be your enemies, so many pretend to be
Real but they ain't, for the bank of the tank
See No Limit is my job even though I live shy
I don't mean kill and rob, but real niggas don't conspire
Sometimes we get wicked, and you don't have to lie to kick it
Gave a few niggas some Rolexes and houses, they said they did it
We after big dreams nigga, no schemes (It ain't over yet)
You run your mouth to the feds but me and my boys we livin' clean
I still get a million screams (UGH!)
Y'all know what I mean
And me and TRU nigga and Silkk and C countin' up that green
Look, You only get one chance
Even I'm blessed but I feel like life is a test
You see me ???
You think its easy being me
You know my own homies don't wanna see me livin' swell
Sell me name to the cops and rather see me locked up in a cell
Can you blame me for not wanting to check the check?
Not knowing things are barley gettin' by
Shit I want it all, even if I don't get it at least I can say I tried
My own friends turned to dope fiends and it shows
Ask me for 20 dollars instead of asking me to come on the road
Can you blame me for wantin' to take my homies up out the hood?
And get moms everything she liked
You know I've been in this rap shit for 8 long years
Y'all thought it happened overnight
Y'all see the money and the fame
But y'all don't see the struggles in the game
It's hard to stay the same
Y'all might notice a change
I'm just tryin' to get my money
See ya only get one chance
You gotta go out and get it and make it happen
Ya heard me?