Перевод песни Insidious Disease – Facemask

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
What am I?
But an instrument of destruction
A tool for the clever
To abuse
A safe place
To turn to when in doubt
I know it's not right
But I can't handle the seduction
The hunt for my prey
Finally dominates
Just giving into this urge
The flesh controls my mind
Insanity takes its toll
Fragility reigns supreme
Nurturing hate in between
When that is the only comfort
With the axe I split your head in two
It will divide your mind
With my blade I cut your womb wide open
It will make you just fine
Recognizing beauty as a pleasure of sin
As a guide for my selection
Blood equals power and so you will win
And you got plenty now
The first one
Was just an accident
But once you taste blood this way
There is no turning back