Перевод песни Joe Henry – Wave

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I waved to you as my boat was leaving
Hats flew up and everybody cheered
But you turned as I guess someone spoke to you
And in a sea of arms you disappeared
I lived the life of a ragged soldier
The secretary to a rebel king
He kept us drunk and hungry in a jungle
Tangled in the lilies of his scheme
We gambled and we fought with one another
We had no code to give us unity
Most died among us without God or honor
As blood became our faith and currency
And all the while I kept your name beside me I wrote it, but refused it on my tongue
Believing you a song still there inside me I feared your loss if ever it were sung
I found myself at last upon a shoreline
I booked my passage home and stood in tears
With a bag of apples and a forged passport
-The first I'd seen my face in seven years...
Now I wonder at the day when I might find you
Appear among the living at your door
Will you have a husband and some children?
Will we share a secret anymore?
Life is brutal to the weak and sober
Its powers of persuasion dark and grave
Lt pushes its way up to the railing
Then turns its face when you start to wave