Перевод песни Perquisite – Cheeky

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Stop talking and walk with me, stop talking and just walk with me…
When it comes to rockin' these lyrics without gimmicks it’s me
Carry the weight of my spirit though this damned industry
It intends to be so damn silly, man, I am Philly, man, I slam really man
Perquisite understands, focus on my plan
Getting airplay in England, Japan, then bring it back again to Amsterdizzy
Now who the hell is he
Perquisite time to drop a beat, now let’s get busy
Word shit is absurd
Shit that you ain’t never heard before this album occurred
Before we stepped into the scene and got the whole vision blurred and making
shit funky as tirds
Foewee shits smelly like the sweat from you belly
Time to get you a celly to connect with your manager
I damage your persona
I guess you’re an amature, I see though your drama
It’s all Bull S, that’s why we have no stress about settling who’s the best
Won’t even enter in those contests no more, cause it’s vinyl that we press
So finesse yet raw
So what you waitin' on, hating on me?
Debating on me? What? Little ol' me?
Can’t believe I have that much of an effect on you
Don’t know what to say or do, but thanks homie
Now what the hell is going on? We be flowing on and we stand strong
If you think you can dine with me or mister Cee you’re wrong
Yeah man, just move on to another table right? Asshole…
Now tell me is your tonedeaf?
I’ll do this till my last breath
Kickin' shit grimey like my name is Meth
It man… can mean the end of you, if you fuck around in my scene
Nah mean? I ain’t playin'
Listen to these wack rhymes that you be sayin
I have come to demolish you
Turn you black and blue, like you got hit with shoepolish dude
Rudeboy, in full affect, standing erect
This battlecat keeping you in check doggie
So stop the barkin'
I’m comin through with CeeMajor, I’m making my mark then
See I was born on august ten ninetyseventyfive and ever since I evedenced
maximun overdrive
And over all I override those who can’t step aside
Overfly my ego? Well I don’t think so
Like domino I’m in the up to par-mode, I’m in the funkiest by far-mode
This carloads of bizzare flows like Fargo
Will they stay fresh forever?
Yeah, just check the barcode
This is a CeeMajor Starshow, of course the shit
Explosive like a backpack from Madrid
Hey kids, don’t try this at home
Unless you’re the backbone of a microphone
You know, a true mc’s epitone
Now what the hell is going on? We be flowing on and we stand strong
If you think you can dine with me or mister Cee you’re wrong
Yeah man, just move on to another table right? Asshole…
Yo man, this is the V.I.P. section. Move on!
We’ve got that analogue sound, through digital means
See critical teens, they listen to our shit and cop it by any means
And since our sound is so diversified and jazzyfied, they don’t know how to
classify and now we’re every scene
Which means we’re all over the place, which means these gangsta-wannabe's is
staring in my face
But I’m laughin at ya’ll
Stick to what you do while I do too and I’m having a ball
Now stall all you want, crawl all you want
All I want you to do is just jump to this
Or at least take a listen to the beast, while I create another feast with my
freakin' man Perquisite
Now pucker up, this motherfucker subdues crews cheeky, I run shit up the summit,
don’t really care what’s beneath me
I speak the dialect of an authentic hiphopper
Intergalactic like orchestra’s from Sun Ra
Smash it like a blow from a tundra’s polar bear
Solar here couldn’t pick that up, know mean?
Don’t interrupt, interfere, intervene, my verbal guillotine slices your product
to smithereens
Check the sig here from dig here from that there as I smoke spliffs ans guzzle
liks more than I can lift
My movements are nect to kinetic, hope to all methods
Ya’ll just suck up for extra credit, man forget it