Перевод песни Pete Philly & Perquisite – Insomnia

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Head feels funny, nose be runny/
Walking around in my clothes
They be bummy/ Haven't been able
To wash my clothes in weeks/
Heads groggy shit's foggy when
I speak / I start to dribble, I start to
Giggle at the funiest times / My
Focus is only on my rhymes ... and
Oh yeah/ Got a meeting with the
New label / Gotta send them the
Impression that I'm emotionally
Stable / Yet haven't been able to
Stay focused / Cause everything
Around me seems to be bogus / I
Guess I'm high or something / Or
Maybe something in my pie or
Something / I haven't felt this way
Since back in the day / When I
Used to smoke herb, but what can
I say?
: I'm caught by this
Insomnia in the worst way / I need
To get back asleep before the
Breaking of a new day / A new
Whoohee, who me? / Who be the
MC of the day today? / It's me, the
MC / But I'm also the MC of the
Night, right? / I'm grumpy and I'm
Jumpy and my eyes is dilated /
The fifth day in a row without
Some sleep it's getting jaded /
I can't remember whenever I ever
Felt awake / I'm getting all
Delulsional it be my current
Mindstate / Catcher in the rye, be
Catching my eye / Now I think I'll
Read until my eyes bleed / Could
Never ever sleep in this position /
While I keep waiting on a sweet
Intermission / Now how am I to go
And get by? / I want to sleep and
Yep I try / I'm half asleep yet half
Awake / I wonder how much
Longer it will take before I go and
/ Before I go crazy!
I walk among the people in my
Own world and I stray / I'm caught
By this insomnia and in the worst
Way / My eyes is red I feel dead
And haven't slept in days / I tell
My peeps about it and they all just
Seem amazed / I'm going crazy
Tonight I'ma hit the bottle of wine
And hit my freakin' bed / Cause
Man my days be to freakin'
Precious for this / Yo I'ma chill
Tonight and call my freaking miss
Im caught by insomnia in the
Worst way / I haven't slept in days
And I'm going crazy / Baby can
You feel me? / I'm caught by
Insomnia / I'm seeing spots I can't
Hit the dot / What the fuck's the
Plot? / Think I forgot