Перевод песни Millencolin – Stalemate

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You say you wanna leave me Say you wanna be free
From everything you hate
Get yourself together
We'll always be together
Love, you just can not rate
Been so long since we hooked
Been so long since we took
Time to get things right
But I'll be here forever
I'll lie to you forever
Now, it doesn't look bright
Nobody is killing more time than you and I Everybody's willing somehow to say goodbye
I think we're getting used to Used to be abused to Doubt is all there is We can not spread out wings out
Can not do a new thing
Drought on what we miss
When everything is falling
It's like we both are crawling
Around and around again
Every fight is too long
Every word is too strong
Bound to end it all, but when?
The stalemate's on and what we had is dead and gone
It's like we just don't care. We're going nowhere
I wanna say goodbye. Yeah, I wanna say goodbye
Goodbye to our big life lie, nothing's gonna be alright
You know this is our best white lie. Nothing's gonna be alright
Doesn't matter how we try, I wanna ask you why we can't let it die?
Even though we both have tried, you know I always question why
Why we just can't let it die?
It's our big life lie