Перевод песни The Heart Attacks – Eyes

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I look to the left, look to the right, babe, I’m looking for you but
You’re nowhere in sight. my eyes. my eyes can see right through your
Shirt, and into your heart, babe let’s get together fore' I fall
Apart. those eyes. Oh no, don’t, don’t look away. Don’t do it no
One more look is all I need, I’m set I’m yours take me home. I’m
Cutting off my ears, covering my nose holding my tongue, cause
I need none of those. My mind’s locked up, it’s been too long
Between those dark lashes holds the key to it all. Oh no, don’t
Don’t look away. Don’t do it no. One more look is all I need, I’m
Set I’m yours, take me home. I ain’t no wolf, but I’m hungry for
Your looks, alright, this much is true, with a pair like that
Sleeping should be a crime. When my eyes meet your eyes baby…
You’re gonna see. You’re all mine now, I can tell by your eyes so
Big and blue, blue, blue just gimme' sometime. Pnemonia, my heart
Is shouting love, the kind that’s true, true, true running through
By blood. No, it’s not fair, you seem you just don’t care, but
I won’t lose, lose, lose the way we stare. You’re all mine I can
See by your eyes so big and blue, blue, blue just gimme some