Перевод песни FFH – Come Away

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You've been with me for so long
But there's something you've not seen
You know me as soft and calm
But that's not all of me You've held the candle, felt the flame
But this you can't contain
Tonight you'll feel the blaze
You have heard me call your name
But never in this way
Tonight everything will change
You'll never be the same
For us to really be in love
The way you've always dreamed of It's got to be this way
Come away with me To the mountain of your dreams
Come away with me There's something you've got to see
Come away with me Come away with me I will show you who I am And who one day you will be Come away, come away with me You've been standing in the stream
The water feeling nice
It's only up to your knees
But it's beginning to rise
Let it carry you away
Don't worry it'll be ok
I'll be right by your side
There's much more than meets the eye
You had to question why
Oh that's just what I wanted
So take a look at me Remember what you see
It's your destiny