Перевод песни Roger Whittaker – Serenata serena

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Serenata Serena,
I can hear your voice so clear.
I can feel your love descending.
Reaching to touch my heart,
so far apart.
Serenata Serena,
How I wish I'd had the time.
Just to bring our souls together.
Now it's to late, your gone,
so far so long.
Just to shake your hand,
to try to understand,
why we never found the time,
to talk together.
I listen to the trees.
Your voice upon the breeze.
Oh, dad I always wonder why,
until I die, until I die.
Serenata Serena,
Can you hear my voice so clear?
Can you feel my love ascending?
Reaching across the stars,
to where you are.
So pure and oh, so far,
to where you are.
Serenata Serena,
Serenata, Serenata,