Перевод песни Newsong – We Wear His Name

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A little boy hangs his head
and starts to pray
His daddy's gone away
to who knows where
He needs a hand to hold
he needs to hear there's hope
He needs someone to tell him
that Jesus cares
That's wy we're here
We wear His name
The name above all names
We wear His name
In a world
that's lost in hopelessness
We are called to be the light
We wear His name
A troubled man
he cries what have I done
I can't lose my wife and son
Lord help me please
He needs to know there's hope
someone to share the load
Someone to give the love
that sets men free
Someone like you and me When we see those
in desperate need
How can we pass them by Let's not forget we represent
The name of Jesus Christ