Перевод песни Caedmon's Call – Babe In The Straw

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Who is this child
Asleep in a manger?
The heaven's are bright
The stable's so cold
On this holy night
Have you come to redeem us?
Little child in the straw
Little child in the straw
Who is this babe?
Prince of the universe
A donkey is braying
Angels are singing
The prophets did say
You would come to redeem the world
Little child in the straw
Save us all
And if we lose sight of your sweet face
At the birth of grace, at the birth of grace
Light of truth shine like Bethlehem's star
Lead us to where you are, show us who you are
Merciful one
Lover of every soul
The Father's own Son
Yes, we believe
You are able to heal us Noel, noel
Save us all
Save us tonight