Перевод песни V'Enna – Do You Wanna Know

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I've got a love, but I must be dreaming
I've never felt this feeling before
There is a way that I can depend on Until the day when we can be sure
I know that we will live together
He'll be over all
And I believe that in the end
We will be loving all the more
Do you wanna know
The way that I'm feeling
Are you gonna be The one who is there
All I wanna do Is show that I mean it I will wait for you
To show that I care
This patient heart is more than a virtue
And good will come to those who will wait
I know it's hard the more that I see you
But shall we give temptation to fate
And when I see you
You know what I'm thinking
I wanna show the way I feel
But deep inside me I know I can hold on We will be strong