Перевод песни 4Him – Puzzles

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I remember that first day
I heard Your voice
I could feel your quiet peace
Drown away the nose
Your oracle of truth
Still rings in my head
I've come to know
My path just as You said
And I see the sham the lie
That swallows the man
People need to see
Its a dangerous life
Without Your wisdom for our ways
Its a gamble with time
When we don't hear You when You say
Youre the Light of the world
I pray that all will see
Only You know the way
To put Our puzzles into place
There's a fire dark
As night in an Evil rage
Spreading power to searching Souls
At a deadly wage
I want to scream a plea
A Warning sign
Take the stutter from my step
Don't let my tongue be tied
Piece after piece
Your love in holy relief
Into the picture You have seen
Repeat chorus
Light up the shadows
Expose the deception
Reveal the illusion
Unscramble the puzzles people
Need to see