Перевод песни Third Day – You Make Me Mad

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I don't know if it's necessarily
(The things you do)
Maybe the things you say
Or maybe just the way you say it It's true you sing a pretty song indeed
(In a new way)
You've said some things to me But I'm not sure if you really mean it Do you realize what you have done?
Do you think we have a problem?
You make me dance, you make me cry, you make me mad
You make me shout, you make me smile, you make me mad
You make me sing, you make me think, you make me sad
You make me fall, you make me love, you make me mad
I don't see calling it a tradgedy
(What have you done)
To do so would be wrong
And I think taking things too far
But I admit that in reality
(The truth be known)
I don't listen to words
But I know all of them by heart