Перевод песни Paul Colman Trio – Solution

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Opened my history book to take a better look
At where we came from and where we're going
Without a sense of time
You've got no ears or eyes
I saw a broken rhyme called human learning
You know this is serious
We're repeating things we've done
Do you wanna be a part of the solution?
Do you wanna hey hey hey hey
2000 years ago the greatest radical
Walked the earth and said we are forgiven souls
Have w forgotten him and made religion king?
Love and grace is what we should be offering
We must be delirious
Thinking its new under the sun
The Birthday Song
It's coming true all the things you promised me Its coming true all the day alive
And I Believe its only time that's in my way now
And I can leave this crooked line
I travel so far to be where you are
I'm leaving this sad and lonely place
You tell me receive but is hard to believe
That everyday can be my birthday
(That I could live inside this grace)
The mystery you are to me All the things you said I don't understand
I realise now that it takes time
Uh oh it's my birthday
Cut the cake blow out the candles
I'm staring down at my shoes
So tell me why when you sing
Happy birthday, receiving is so hard to do Happy birthday to you