Перевод песни FFH – Little Change

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You've seen it all before
You open up the door and I just turn away
Walk the other way
You offer so much more
Than I could ever ask for
But I say thanks anyway
I go on and on alone
Make believing I can make it on my own
I think it's time for me to make a change
And start walking back to you
Before I go so far away
That I can't hardly see you
Reaching out
Calling the prodigal I said I'd never be Now what I need is a little change
I've played the game before
But now the game is Taking more than I can give
And I'm dying to give in But you're holding out for me But what you're holding out for me I can barely see
Because my visions' so dim
I try, but I can only hardly recognize
This light that should be blinding my eyes
(Repeat Chorus)