Перевод песни Bob Carlisle – After All

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I stumble to the mirror
Say everything's all right
But the man in the mirror
Never lies
The aged face I see
Staring back at me
Shows the years
Shows the miles
Now I'm no perfect husband
But I do so love my wife
And my kids are the greatest gift
I know
But some times when I'm alone
I still wrestle with my soul
And start feeling out of place
Like a lost boy
Trying to get back home
After all
The heartache and the pain
All the bridges I have crossed
And the ones I've left in flames
After all
The sorrow and regret
All the times I turned away
When you called
You still love me
After all
The story of my life
I keep hidden deep inside
Like a book collecting dust
Upon a shelf
But it's there inside of me
That man that no one sees
The one that falls apart
But I'm strong enough
To never let it show
Now I don't pretend to know
Why the truth has been so slow
To go the distance
From my head down to my heart
I know the journey's not that great
But for all the time it takes
I'd swear that we were worlds apart