Перевод песни Metallica – Too Late Too Late

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I see that nothing has changed
Insist on playing games
Some waste of time you are
And you are so popular
Well this is it you bitch
I have got to make my switch
I am just another john
I know what is going on
Your move
What do I have to lose?
No, too late, too late
I thought you was for real
But you are a rip-off deal
Don’t give me all that crap
I just escaped your trap
I think you see the joke
But you are just chasing smoke
You are not another one
I know what is going on
Misunderstanding me
The way you feel so free
I am going to jump the gun
Oh I am gonna hit and run
Your credibility
Don’t cut no ice with me
Another privilege gone
I know what is going on