Перевод песни Chromeo – You're So Gangsta

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Yo... It's Acorn
Yo they drawlin
He better keep back, cause I'ma keep that
Velvet lapel, He a bonified player
It's nothing I'd buy, but something I'd wear
That's the pay-off
Stay off, my square
You wanna sightsee, ask me nicely...
Hundred dollar handshake
If they out this end, they out to spend
PEACE! Yo, Godspeed!
Another good week. Remind me to do my laundry
The more I count, the I'm bout
But if they shit ain't certain, it ain't workin
Hold-up got left
Half up front. That's just my pref
HECK! The last I checked, 8 was the rate
You can ask my chef
COME ON! I ain't tryin to jip ya hipter
I been read your file. Don't get regular now
Cause I know the game like Notre Dame
The Mega-Don... Mega-Dough... Debutant...
Colorful like a Jumpin Jack
I dress in floresants: Dirty Glam
Fake Le Tigre, I rock the knock-off. Ain't shit
Spin that Journey, Damn!
Naturally, I be on my grindage
I'll be there quick if you catch the idus
I'll be there quick when you slip like Imus
Yo! Tell your sis, I'll be there like 9-ish
Guapo... Mr. Morocco Papo
I'm out there, but i don't care
I keep a part like the black Bart
And keep the B-Boy beneath a Leroy
Awe! Corn... Where ya goin?! (some lady)
Got a red-eye to catch. Got to split
Forgot to pack my Dockers and my moccasins...
Ah! Fuck... Forgot the tip
No change, I'ma leave a bean
Then I leave the scene on my Steve McQueen
They stay flossin... I play opossum
He got a Hummer, but I got her number
I lay style on like krylon
I shake it up
Don't trip when I drip
Call it a hit. Call it a miss. Call it a dis...
It's all in the wrist
The «A"with the star is the badge
A loop is stupid, I go with the flow I'ma Sadge
Infect your whole rep on a break
Hate! Just don't step on the cape
Cause bullshit rappers make for great humor
I'm what you might call a late bloomer
Bet your set talk, after this pep talk
I school MCs don't test, you'll get taught
I'm like that. It pays to be
I jump out your deck like LaserBeak, and do mine
Nice! The flows too kind
Sweet talk the track with a real cute line
I don't need a lot.
I just need a yacht, and a captain's hat like Captain Jack
Don't get it, It'll come to you, think
Doggy, I'm everything under your sink