Перевод песни Hacavitz – Towards Black Pest

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
To death and darkness
For deceit of all life
Earths ablaze and succumb
Towards black pest. Erupt
Feast in darkness so black
Besieging and exploring this darknight
As these efumes of the obscure
Everlast no longer in the light
Set me free pest of midnight
Gather me so down, deep and below
Forever into darkness never explored
Nightlight of this penumbric moon
Teach me the unknown
Towards black pest. Arise!
Sunless we feed
Within the realms of the unspeakable
Dawn as meaning
Foreseen truth
Towards black pest we summon
Somber ecstasy everdark
Withering decrepit unveiling
Twisting and effacing
To the bleeding womb of hades we ride
So dark and black
Towards this black pest
We ride
Grieving voyage of blackness unknown
Exalted forth into this void, had grown
Consecrating the works of the night
And learning through summoning the voices
Of the darkside calling so dark
Pestis vermilis
Mysteriis. Arise!
Black vomit spilled on the earth
And calling the spirits of this putrid soil
Dark nature calling within
Spreading its pest
So black forth the night