Перевод песни Hacavitz – Most Unclean

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
He who dwell in thee earth
From the clouds and above we call
On putrid soils of burning ash
We call and yell the names
Of the black
Most unholy of revering feast
In earth and beyond incubes malign
Deceiving on the name of the unspoken
In the seed of men
Breed as rats
You suppose my name
But til light dawn and dusk rise
No one knows the secrets of the moon
Most unholy of revering feast
He who dwells far beyond midnight
In earth and six feet below we bow
He whose falling descends into absurd
Most unclean of seraphic disease
Unspoken one of tongues never heard
Before light and dawn you will deny me
In darkness and ledges of this earth
Reckoning the wrath from above
As tyranny deceits into beliefs and religions
The evil one resides deep below regions
On horned crafted bliss enthrones
These beliefs
Of the most filth unclean
Darkness vomits and yells
The names of the enemy
Earth whose land spoiled
Its conquered in fear
The most antiques memories of the earth
He who dwell in thee earth
From the calls and above we call