Перевод песни Hacavitz – Sulphur Winds

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Drag the winds forth in pestilence
Exterminate everything those who live
Power from darkness
Enlighten the zephyr
Carrier of death
At least is unleashed
Within the sulphur winds
It rides the pest from black and death
So dead in night
From pesten so black
Instigating dark ridden vociferous
Myst and winds of this grievous disease
Beggars of the light, perish and cleanse
In this darkened sulphurous storm haze
And myst unpon this soils, sulphure winds!
Rage into unknownof this zephyrous
To bliss the underworld below
And night so dark, forth in darkness
Obscure in the litanies of the beast
Seize the life into avernal fire
Doom of the night
And moons forth midnight
To perish all life
Gangrenous earth ablaze
Death from above in sulphur awaits
On the prestige of the night erupts
And flood the earth in heathen
With carbonous gas and vomitous craft
As sword through worlds
It rides death from above