Перевод песни Punch Brothers – Missy

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I told her once
Get thee behind me
Cover up Missy for the love of God
I can't not look, I can't not look
And I can't do a thing about what I saw
Though I wish I could, I wish I could
She told me once
Sit down beside me
I told her twice
To get thee behind me
Strip down Missy it's 11 AM
I'm gonna wake up soon, gonna wake up soon
I bet you say that to all of the dreaming men
That get lucky with you, get lucky with you
She told me once
Lay down beside me
And I laid down beside her
Too real, too quick, too close to home
Too much to take the task alone
Can I have just a little taste
Too hot, too sweet, too bad and too late
I told her three times
Get thee behind me
Float away Missy like a wisp of smoke
That I could've inhaled, maybe could've inhaled
And I'll sing your praises everywhere I go
Such a pretty girl, such a beautiful girl
She told me once
You won't forget me
And I won't forget her