Перевод песни Ding Dong Feat. Chevaughn Clayton – Holiday

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The summer is hot
It's a holidaaay
Sunny day, yea yea
Holiday yea yea yea
Sunny day yea yea yea
One: (Ding Dong)
It's a nice sunny evening
A cool afternoon
Nobody has to work
No nobody goes to school
Siddown pon the corner
Joke around and act a fool
Di elders playing dominoes
Strength is playing pool
I love college but I'm going to di beach
Money in ma pocket so I know I have to reach
Call a couple girls
Tell dem link up wid ma peeps
Tell dem roll inna dem topless jeep
Two: (Ding Dong)
Every girl is getting slim
Married to di gym
Yuh haffi have di summa body
Fi do modelling
Mi waan go hold a line up
Di barber dem a trim
We clean and out
Cause yuh know a my ting
But likkle more inna di club
We and di woman dem a roll
Di DJ inna di booth playing
Gallis pon dub
You go for di ladies
Henny fi di thugs
Di ladies dem a scream sey
A Ding Dong we love
Three: (Ding Dong and Chevaughn)
A summa swing
A summa swing
A summa swing
Is just a dancing ting
A summa swing
A summa swing
Mi sey a summa swing
Is just a modelling ting. We paranoid but we got no fear (can't sit around
Cause we got no chair
Haters all around but we just don't care
We party all night till morning's here
We in the club so fresh so clean
Notice a gallis, me and my team
Girls lose their voice cause dem can't stop screaming
Ding Dong, Ravers