Перевод песни Elvis Costello – Where Is The Love

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Where is the love
It's such a ruthless business
Where is the faith
The hope and the forgiveness
Twisting the words you say until the meaning fits
It starts with a little lying
Then there's no end to it At best you are a cruel coward
At worst you are a worthless hypocrite
Where is the love
Now it's so badly needed
I heard a cry that always goes unheeded
Between your heart and hide
Something gets lost because it takes a tragedy
To trick it out of us We never do the thing we should do You just say anything to get your way
Where is the love
How can you face your face in the mirror
How can you turn a blind eye to all
What lurks inside of you that allows you to steal from the table of life
How can you place your head on the pillow
Knowing you are so guilty of all but the truth