Перевод песни Karen Clark-Sheard – I Made A Choice

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Alot of us walk around with a face full of frowns and
We don't know why
Why things never change, why it always rains,
And who's to blame.
Always getting in trouble,
Its a never ending struggle.
Tangled and tied up and bondage feeling so hopeless and wounded,
But theres a day I gave my life to you
I made a choice, to be with you.
It was the best thing anyone could ever do.
I made a choice, to be with you.
And I promise if I die I will be true.
Alot of us gotta deal with things that we live with,
We don't know why,
Why things get harder and harder, darker and darker,
Where is my father?
Tears keep on falling, is there any joy that's coming?
Was bout to drown in depression but intercession was my weapon.
I'm glad I gave my life over to you
I was called by his name
Humbled as I prayed
Looked for his face and found his saving grace.
He took my hand and gave a second chance.
Thats the day I gladly gave my life to you
I made it, I made it, I made it, made a decision
To separate us from the love of god