Перевод песни Chicago – Only Time Can Heal the Wounded

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You hear a sound as she's leaving
You'll hear your heart pound so hard
You'll miss her warm touch and the way
Things once were
It's such a cold town when you miss her
It's not the same place no more
When it's hard to mend what's broken
And you still can't let her go Beyond the storm there's an answer
Beyond the nights you spend alone
Beyond the headlights and the highways you go You'll take a long ride without her
Until the tears dry away
In every way you try to reason
When there's no reason left to hold
Only time can heal the wounded of love
Any day now time will tell
Only love can turn it all around again
There's no heart that time can't heal
Whatever pieces you're missing
Whatever you leave behind
However you look at things they do change
It's not the same conversation
It's not the way that it was
There'll be one less tear tomorrow
There'll be one less night alone