Перевод песни Del The Funkee Homosapien – No More Worries

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Artist: Del the Funky Homosapien f/ Hieroglyphics
Album: No Need for Alarm
Song: No More Worries
You don't have to worry any longer.
Yo wait a damn, minute
Listen to the way the man spit it Even with improper diction
I split men and get ends
I'm lettin' suckas know
I'm fin ta buck a bro
The nigga figga he can dust a pro-
Fessional, I test a fool
I get a tool
And beat him wit it He didn't see me wit it And this is what I'mma do Tie the crime to you
Niggas need to find a new rhyme to do
I remember when I used to grind a few
Indo sacks at my wack Sr. High School
But I told the Dean 'Bye fool.'
I graduated
He was a man I hated
And I'm glad I made it Hie-ro
I know
You know
Fools know, that my crew's so Phat, and niggas try to jack
Then I know they got my back
A-Plus must bust the wack
I'm fed up with the wackness and this weak shit
So peep the style and learn how to freak shit
I hope, ya, learn how ta cope
By the time you peep this shit here
I'll be three times doper
Yeah, this is for the trendy G's
To ya bitches, and High School enemies
All the hoes
Would shoot me to the left and shit
Cause my financial state was on deficit
But I Really didn't trip
Now I'm living fatter
And then niggas don't matter
A lot a rappers try frontin' on me Bet they ain't got nuttin' on me And ain't no way that buck can harm me I turn the mouths of MCs into molecules
Niggas locked onto me like my follicles
I swallow fools with no regurgitation
We hurt ya face, men
When ya placed in my path
I bust asses
Ya slow like molasses
As this continues
Then you know the fastest
Computing, looting, I gets the root of things
Bitches with problems
I leave ya jaw numb
I slap hoes
My rap flows along
With the flow of the song
As I flow on the bong
I use Jedi mind tricks
To find tricks
Bind tricks, tie them up Then I try and phuck then they die
And what do I care?
I dare hoes
And prepare flows cause I never spare those lives
Who strives
With knives & slice
I parylize ya twice
With fear
Del is nice to your ears
Not the hardest, artists going far
Jack off from Jupiter
Because I'm shooting for the stars
I'm a mack
Never come wack
Gimme a 30 second snippit
I'll rip it Because the shit gets deeper
Creep ya ass as the floor rocks
We got the beat hittin' hard like four cops
Shorts out my last record
I write my rhymes nekkid
Let me give you a tip
I'm on the balls
So just expect it My rep gets phatter thinkin' about those kids
They tried to step and got phucked like they momma did
By the Mr. Mostskill
I did ya ho, still
She's askin' for waxin' cause she heard a ho squeal
Hoes I'm, getting more plays than Showtime
The demon got ya screamin' with no shine
No time for regular run of the the mill
I'm packin' with steel boy soldiers
Never No More, the Souls told ya