Перевод песни Bill Nelson – U.H.F.

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Looking through the laughing glass
And driving burning cars
I’m simulating crashes
And measuring the scars
Images still flicker
Wheels and dials spin 'round
I’m tuning in on nowhere
And hearing other sounds
Hearing other sounds …
Time moves in shadows
Over yellowing walls
I calculate perspectives
Where their angle falls
I sit by her mirror
She stands and stares
I catch my reflection
With fastidious snares
With fastidious snares …
I act the perfect passenger
I offer no advice
Maintaining my position
I fail to break the ice
She issues her co-ordinates
Her points of no return
And catalogs the impact zones
Of cars that crash and burn
Of cars that crash and burn …